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NaughtinesS YoU WanT CommunitY
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Welcome to NaughtinesS_YoU_WanT_CommunitY

Not a usual community which holds different ways of showing love to our favorite j-rock bodies.

And you better read incredibly verrrrry~ looooooong and boring xD following statements and warnings before joining.

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# 1: And one of the main things of this community. YES, this community is for fearless perverts who loves men and man + man = yaoi, especially. If you're against such things, better get lost on some community which will satisfy you more.

# 2: This community is for japanese rock hot bodies only! (sorry, but no j-pop and no korean hotness and other people who are not jrockers <<-- maybe you won't believe me, but this statement has exception, later find it out~ xD )

# 3: This community exists for showing/posting/sharing: fanfiction, graphic, photos, fanvideos, fanarts (and maybe other silly stuff if I missed something) [and use those words as tags also!]

Note for Graphic:

- Wallpapers, icons, banners are always allowed [they can be yaoi/not yaoi themed, but should contain jrockers]
- For wallpapers use thumbnails.
- For big bunch of icons, wallpapers or banners please use LJ-CUT tag
- AND OF COURSE, you can post icons/wallpapers/banners with korean/jpop/etc if it's posted with jrock stuff (you know it better then me, that it's allowed xD)
- This stuff will be in memories, duh! xD

Note for Photos:

- COSPLAY photos are allowed (no matter who is cosplaying jrockers - starting from you and finishing with your plush toys or even your kettle - it's up to you)
- Changed photos of jrockers with silly/funny/yaoish texts are allowed (one photo or bunch of photos and of course dont forget about this LJ-CUT thingie)
- Usual photos of jrockers are allowed if you have request for making some graphic from it or some question about it.
- This will be archived too xD

Note for Fanvideo:

- Usual fanvideo or videocut [maybe .gif file] you made. The same it can be yaoi/not yaoi themed consisting any genre. OH! One important thing - please put a little description/comment for it, if you have it of course - it's for proper archivation xD (only ysi files won't be archived of course)

Note for Fanart:

- All fanarts of jrockers yaoi/not yaoi themed are allowed
- Also will be archived

Note for Fanfiction (the biggest one):

Following form is the best to be used, coz it will be mush easier to archive your fics (Don't be scared, it only seems huge)

Fanfiction banner if you have it [with max width - 400px, max height - 250px] But if it's too big, I will ask you either to resize and put new version or put under ljcut tag.
Title: name of your fanfiction and from how many parts it consists of [??/??]
Author: your name real/nick/just lj username/any
[Theme: IF it's 50stories community project]
Fandom: cool thing actually. Put group(s) you choose on in your fanfiction (it will help me to work faster and archive your fics in needable directory)
Pairing: actually who is with whom dates/kiss/fuck/and so on~ If you put ReitaxRuki as a pairing for example that means Reita is on top/the leading man/active pants.. well you understand it yourself. Also you can put someone as a "??" - mystery man~.
Genre: necessary thing especially when your fic is paranormal xD it's also like a warning.
Rating: I won't say anything, I just put standart rates (but I won't be angry if you'll make same silly rates as I usually do xD)
ok according to die_shinya and gazette_yaoi rates can be described like this:
G - Lacks cursing, lacks adult situations, lacks any real violence. think Disney fairytales.
PG - Lacks excessive cursing, mild adult situations, some violence. think Lemony Snicket.
PG-13 - Mild cursing, escalating adult situations, escalating violence. think Harry Potter.
R - Cursing, adult situations, sexual scenes, violence.
NC-17 - Excessive sexual scenes, excessive violence, language, and adult situations.
Summary: give out general idea what your fic is about. This description always helps alot (if it contains not only one chapter, please put general summary in 1-st chapter if you have a habit to make them different for every part)
Disclaimer: Really needed to appoint usual main things. Especially needed if English is not your first language or else.
Comment: words you want to say, especially dedication, but not too~ long~ please.
Archieved: in nyw_comm_a [This will help to some developing of our fics archive & people finding fics in one place and not wasting whole day for searching only one]

Your fic will be archived with links you provide: originally posted/links from other communities/your own lj.
If you'll notice some problems as mistakes/not existant entries, please immediately inform mods [e-mail adresses you can find lower ^^]

Special WARNING for authors and readers:

- authors who never posted in this community or have finished fics and after seeing our archive want to be archived there you may freely request about archiving via e-mail to me [tasteofblackcherry@yahoo.com]
- authors who have started fics, but first chapters were never posted in this community may post their fics BUT in ONE new entry
- authors, especially newbie, please accept calmly all comments with criticism, coz it's not a reason to run and hang yourself (I'm talking about criticism and not usual rudeness)
- comment when you've got something to say, when you as a reader didn't like something - better stay silent, coz we all have different tastes
- and dear readers if you saw some authors grammar mistakes and want to appoint on them, you can do it freely. But when you want to offer beta-reader it would be really cool if you offered some person or even yourself (this would make things work better)
- AND!!!!! NO plagiarism (you're individual or what?)


- If you don't want to be archived, please inform about this putting a note.
- NO! rudeness or flame from any person, member and mods
- Loyality, understanding and politeness and everything will be great (I can't say that we can escape conflicts for 100% though xD)

All this userinfo is provided by sugar_pai_n your lovely and funny mod hehehehehe xD
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ANY PROBLEMS call 911 for mods!!:
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